Civil War Project…

Students will be assigned a Civil War Project which will be due Tuesday, September 5, 2017.  Students will be able to choose their project, which will be completed on a poster board. Students will be completing a portion of our Social Studies standard:

SS4H5 Explain the causes, major events, and consequences of the Civil War. a. Identify Uncle Tom’s Cabin and John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry and explain how each of these events was related to the Civil War. b. Discuss how the issues of states’ rights and slavery increased tensions between the North and South. c.Identify major battles, campaigns, and events: Fort Sumter, Gettysburg, the Atlanta Campaign, Sherman’s March to the Sea, and Appomattox Court House. d.Describe the roles of Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant, Jefferson Davis, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, and William T. Sherman.

Therefore, students will be selecting to do their project on one these choices:

  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin
  • John Brown’s Raid
  • States’ Rights and Slavery
  • Battle of Fort Sumter
  • Battle of Gettysburg
  • The Atlanta Campaign
  • Sherman’s March to the Sea
  • Appomattox Court House
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • Robert E. Lee
  • Ulysses S. Grant
  • Jefferson Davis
  • Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson
  • William T. Sherman

Only 2 students in each class can choose the same project topic. Project choices are on a first come, first serve basis. Below are the requirements and rubrics for each project.

Civil War Project Signature Page
This page must be signed by a parent and returned to school no later than Weds. Aug. 23.

Uncle Tom’s Cabin and John Brown’s Raid

Civil War Project John Brown and/or Uncle Tom's Cabin
Project requirements and rubric for John Brown’s Raid and Uncle Tom’s Cabin

Civil War Hot Topics: States’ Rights and Slavery

Civil War Project States' Rights and Slavery
Project Requirements and Rubric for States’ Rights and Slavery

Civil War Leaders

Civil War Project Leaders Pic
Project Requirements and Rubric for Civil War Leaders
Civil War Project Battle & Rubric
Famous Battles listed in our Standard

Sample Projects that are similar to what I am assigning: